About this Site

Many of us like reading magazines. However, due to our hectic schedule, many had missed out the next issue as they do not always pass by a news kiosk or bookstore. Subscribing to the magazine may be the solution. Still, there is another group of people who are constantly looking for specialized magazine that is specific to their industry. These types of magazines are called trade magazines. There are many publishers who offer their trade magazines as free subscription to interested reader. This site contains a collection of trade magazines that you may subscribe to for free.

Before you apply for any subscriptions, please check the followings -- not all the magazines may be available to where you are residing. Some of these magazines are offered only to those who are staying in the U.S., Canada or Australia. There are also those that is available to international readership. No matter how much you may like some magazines, if you are not in the geographical eligibility zone, then, it is most likely that your application will be rejected.

Also, please complete the application in a truthful manner. We know that you do not like spams, and neither do we. To date, we have not receive a single complaint of any publishers who are offering their magazines and collect the particulars of subscribers for other reasons. You are applying to get the magazines for free. All you need to do is to complete the form. Give the benefit of doubt to the publishers and save them the effort of going through the forms only to discover that you have not complete all the necessary particulars and reject you. The rejection rate across the board currently stands at about 50%. All the rejections were due to geographical ineligibility and incomplete application forms. So, if you wish to be successful in your application, please make sure that you work on these two factors.

Other than subscribing to magazines so that you read them on your own, there is another main benefits of subscribing to trade magazines. Many people are subscribing to these magazines for their waiting rooms. If your office or clinic has a waiting rooms, you will probably appreciate the cost to subscribe to few paid magazines at the same time. As all these trade magazines are offered free-of-charge, why not use this as a way to display these magazines in your waiting rooms. Displaying the latest issues of magazines also impress your visitors as it shows that you are always updated.

We hope that your experience of free magazine subscription at this site will be a pleasant one. Drop by this site frequently as there are more magazines that is added to the collection periodically. Besides magazines, you can also download free White Paper publications. Happy browsing!

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