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Hospitals & Health Networks Provides hospital and health care business executives with direction, perspective and information essential to..
Managed Care Has a mission to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical..
Nutritional Outlook The manufacturer's resource for dietary supplements and healthy foods and beverages...
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Is a monthly magazine written exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and..
Health Facilities Management Is the nation's leading and most trusted magazine for those passionate about designing, building and..
Medical Meetings Reports on regulatory and educational trends in continuing medical education and their impact on medical conference..
HVACR Business Has an editorial focus and mission of providing business owners and managers with the very best management concepts available...
Clinical Laboratory International Is the leading clinical lab magazine internationally and is crammed with information of direct relevance..
Medical Product Outsourcing Is the only global magazine dedicated to the growing trend of medical device and in-vitro diagnostics outsource..
Fierce Medical Devices Is a free, easy to read twice-weekly email newsletter covering the latest medical device and diagnostics industry..
Contract Pharma Provides the essential mix of industry news, technical features and association event coverage they need to stay on top of..
Applied Clinical Trials Provides a forum where pharmaceutical product developers can communicate with the medical researchers who test their..
Healthcare Traveler Is the only magazine dedicated to mobile healthcare professionals. Practitioners can master life on the road, enhance..
Managed Care On-Line Delivers daily managed care & health management business information via a package of valuable e-newsletters and a..
Medical Design Medical Design provides design and manufacturing professionals in the Medical Device Industry with cutting edge technical and..
BioOptics World Magazine Focuses on the design, development, and utilization of optical technologies for the study, diagnosis, and treatment..
CAP Today Brings monthly business and medical news in the clinical laboratory...
P & T Is a monthly Journal for Pharmacy and Therapeutics decision makers...
Orthopedic Design & Technology Is devoted to the design and manufacturing of orthopedic products...
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Is the market-leading publication for European professionals actively involved in pharmaceutical/biopharmace..
Medical Products Asia Highlights the latest developments and innovations for the medical equipment industry covering supplies, furnishings..
Fierce Practice Management Is a free, easy to read weekly email newsletter covering the latest physician practice management news...
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Is a magazine for professionals involved in the packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products..
MD&DI E-Newsletter Is a monthly publication, providing highlights from Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry's monthly print edition as well..
MDT Presents news of technology, applications, regulatory and industry news, and innovative products for the entire team working on the..
Medical Design Briefs Features exclusive coverage of the latest medical and bio-medical innovations from NASA, its industry partners, and..
Fierce Health Finance Is a weekly healthcare finance email news briefing for healthcare executives and financial managers...
The OrthoTec Newsletter Is a highly informative and weekly eNewsletter that links orthopaedics professionals to the latest industry..
IVDT Insight Weekly E-Newsletter Analyzes the latest breaking headlines and offers informed commentary on the hottest In Vitro Diagnostics..
Surgical Products Is the leading magazine for news on medical/surgical equipment, supplies and services...
MX Medtech Executive Is a twice-monthly e-newsletter serving the business needs of executive-level medical technology decision makers around..
Qmed Daily and Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry magazine celebrate their 30th anniversary with a daily newsletter..
Healthcare Purchasing News Is the only business news magazine for purchasing decision-makers at hospitals, multi-hospital systems,..
Biophotonics International Delivers a unique global insight into the photonic products and techniques that solve problems for professionals..
MED eNewsletter Is exclusively for engineers and designers of medical electronic devices...
Pharmaceutical Processing Is the must-read information source for news of products, technologies and applications for pharmaceutical and..
HME News Presents Business News for Home Medical Equipment Providers...
Pharmaceutical Technology Is a publication providing practical information on pharmaceutical manufacturing...
IVD Technology Is the only trade journal designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products. Written by leading experts..
Medical Construction & Design Is the essential resource for medical construction & design professionals...
International Hospital Equipment & Solutions Is the leading international magazine for healthcare decision makers...
Medical Product Manufacturing News Is a product tabloid magazine that provides information on the new products and services available to..
Biotechnology Healthcare Features the impact of biologics on health, business and benefits, delivering high interest articles and features..
Nutraceuticals World Serves the manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods and nutritional beverages. The goal is to provide..
Today's Medical Developments Covers the medical device and equipment industry including issues such as the need to curtail health care..


There are plenty of free-of-charge sources where you may get free subscriptions for medical magazines. Some of these internet sources offer you up to one or two years of free medical magazines subscriptions. Many of these sites offer you unlimited subscriptions as the magazines are distributed mainly as a promotional material to boost the respective company branding.

To many of these medical industry player, how much does the allocation of free magazines rate compared to the probable proceeds of a healthcare centers purchasing their healthcare devices. As far as distributors of the magazines are concerned, they receive incentives to circulate the magazines. Therefore, when you subscribe to any of these free healthcare magazine, it is a win-win state of affairs for all parties. You get your free magazines, the distrubutors receive their commissions and for the publisher or funder, they get free of charge endorsement for their company.

There are several healthcare magazines and medical economic publication that you can subscribe to for free. Most of these publications fall into the categories of medical journals, medical equipments, medical investigation, medical care, medical imaging, medical promotion media and medical materials. There are also several internet medical magazines that you can subscribe to.

Among some of the free medical magazine subscriptions that you can subscribe to include:

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

A magazine devoted to biotech reports, from worktable to business, and was introduced in 1981 as the first biotechnology trade periodical.

Advanced Imaging

This magazine is available eleven times a year, serving about 40,000 imaging pros in areas ranging in business from medicine to arts and engineering to dissemination and media.

OR Nurse 2010

A magazine that presents to the point, up-to-the-minute clinical and sensible news in a reader-friendly set-up, to help busy perioperative nurses be pace with the transformation in their field.

Medical Device Technology

A complete source of technological knowledge on all areas of the design, creation and manufacture of finished medical tools and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products.

Hospitals & Health Networks

A publication that provides hospital and health care business executives with way, perspective and knowledge crucial to their life's vocation.

Applied Clinical Trials

This magazine gives a forum where pharmaceutical product developers can correspond with the medical researchers who test their new products.

Biotechnology Healthcare

This magazine features the influence of biologics on health, business and reimbursement, delivering high interest articles and features developed through original research and writing.

Biophotonics International

Delivers a exclusive international insight into the photonic products and techniques that get to the bottom of problems for professionals in the discipline of medicine and biotechnology.

Health Facilities Management

Provides the most comprehensive reporting of the sole challenges facing health resource design/architecture, construction and operations communities.

CAP Today

Provides monthly business and medical news in the clinical laboratory.

Managed Healthcare Executive

Provides senior-level decision makers the all-embracing scrutiny they need to innovate value in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Managed Care

Has a mission to give advice managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the industry and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market.

Health Management Technology

Has targeted C-level executives, IT directors, and laboratory managers in hospitals, clinics, and payor organizations since 1980.

Lab Animal

Reaches over 10,000 pros in both the educational world and applied investigation industries.

Safety Daily Advisor

Brings news on the latest issues in Safety Management, summaries of white papers on key Safety Management strategies, as well as the newest issues in safety education and conformity.

Rough Notes

Serves independent property/casualty assurance agencies, life and health insurance agencies and brokerages.

Life Science Leader

Is the necessary business tool for life science executives.

Industrial Hygiene News

Provides knowledge to pros in the Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene and Safety fields.

Materials Management in Health Care

Serves department managers who are accountable for buying and managing health care supplies and apparatus.

Medical Product Manufacturing News

Is a product sensationalist magazine that provides knowledge on the new devices and services available to medical device manufacturers.

Today's Medical Developments

Covers the medical tool and equipment industry including issues such as the need to curtail health care costs, and manufacturing efficiencies to assist produce products faster.

Clinical Laboratory International

Is the leading clinical lab magazine internationally and is crammed with knowledge of direct relevance to everyone working in clinical and blood bank laboratories.

IVD Technology

IVD Technology is the only trade journal designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products. Printed by leading professionals in their fields.

Medical Construction & Design

Is the industry's leading source for current news, technology, and methods.

LCGC Europe

Is the leader monthly business-to-business magazine serving the division science industry in Europe.


Is a monthly Journal for Pharmacy and Therapeutics decision makers.

That is a total of 27 free health magazines that you may subscribe to. The next time you thought of subscribing to any healthcare-related magazines, why not consider getting them for free instead? The followings are some of the latest and updated offer related to the healthcare industry that you can download for free too:

Free publications for health and medical industry professionals.
  • The 2015 Essential 4th Quarter Healthcare IT Kit
    The 2015 Essential 4th Quarter Healthcare IT Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Healthcare IT related decisions.

    The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Healthcare IT research:
    • Anatomy of a Healthcare Data Breach
    • The Adobe Document Cloud Advantage for Healthcare
    • Enabling the Modern Business through IT
    • Encryption as an Enterprise Strategy

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  • The Adobe Document Cloud Advantage for Healthcare
    As healthcare organizations face rising patient expectations, evolving regulatory requirements, increasing competition and pressure on margins, they are looking to remove the obstacles and delays associated with manual and paper-based processes. This white paper covers the challenges for healthcare organizations and how they can use Adobe Document Cloud to:
    • Transform the patient experience
    • Increase efficiency
    • Ensure security and compliance
    Download this paper to learn more about the digital document advantage for healthcare organizations!

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  • The 7-Minute Buyer's Guide to Pharmaceutical Sales Software

    The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to overcoming challenges.  Long R&D cycles, years of clinical trials and strict governmental regulations are just a few of the hurdles pharma companies must overcome in bringing a new drug to market.  Not to mention the fact that once a drug is marketable, rapidly expiring patent protections means a small window of opportunity to profit.

    The 7-Minute Buyer’s Guide to Pharmaceutical Sales Software will show you how to align executives, managers, and field sales reps for game-changing results and how to prep better, faster and be more efficient including field rep effectiveness, and how to bring it altogether from the top down with full visibility into where time is spent, how teams are performing and where to make improvements.

    Download this free guide today on how to achieve scale in pharmaceutical sales.

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  • Unprecedented Research on Policy Management Programs at Healthcare Organizations
    With surprising new metrics and insights, this unprecedented report explores what best-in-class healthcare organizations are doing to simplify policy-related tasks, address their most difficult challenges and measure the effectiveness of their program.

    In addition to providing metrics you can use to compare your program against your peers, you'll discover:
    • One of the best ways to address legal and regulatory policy-related risks
    • What resources are allocated to policy management, including budget
    • How technology is leveraged to accomplish objectives, overcome challenges and mitigate tedious tasks
    Learn what other healthcare organizations are doing to make sure they have the right components in place for a defensible policy management program – download the report now.

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  • Big Data for Healthcare Finds its Home in the Cloud
    Every healthcare organization is facing the same reality: Mountains of data are being captured and stored, but there are significant challenges to unlocking the insights provided by this data.

    Advances in healthcare analytics software is making it easier to organize, analyze, interpret, and present the data in meaningful ways. However, as the amount of data grows exponentially, so does the compute and storage requirements to power these analytics applications.

    Faced with the need to make massive CapEx investments into their IT infrastructure savvy healthcare organizations are turning to cloud computing to power these applications. On-demand compute, unlimited scalability, the option to burst as needed, and cost containment are just a few of the reasons for this move. Unfortunately, fears about cloud security and compliance continue to slow adoption and limit the ability of healthcare organizations to leverage the power of Big Data to improve patient care.

    Why you should read this white paper:
    1. Benefits of using the cloud to acquire, store and leverage data for sophisticated analytics.
    2. Best practices in planning, deploying and managing cloud-based big data solutions.
    3. What functionality and features to look for in a cloud-based big data solution for HCOs.
    4. How to remain HIPAA-compliant and ensure executive trust and confidence for cloud-based solutions.

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  • Securing Health Data in a BYOD World
    In many ways, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) sounds good to healthcare leaders. It can improve productivity, optimize practitioners' time and even reduce capital expenditures. But there's a flip side to BYOD that often sends shudders down the spines of healthcare IT executives and hospital administrators: As BYOD usage increases, so can security vulnerabilities.

    Research studies reveal some startling statistics about the risk healthcare organizations face when implementing BYOD programs.

    Consider these data points:
    • 39% of employees don't password-protect their mobile devices.
    • 52% access corporate information via unsecured WiFi networks.
    • 29% of organizations do nothing to manage applications on BYOD endpoints.
    • Only 24% of personal smartphones can be remotely wiped by a corporate IT department.
    Finally, and perhaps most astonishing: Only 9% of organizations are fully aware of the devices accessing their network.

    These risks may seem daunting, however, advancements in planning and technology are enabling healthcare organizations to deploy secure, HIPAA compliant BYOD initiatives that simplify and improve patient care while safeguarding PHI.

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  • Secure HIPAA Compliant Cloud Computing
    Achieving HIPAA compliance is a journey, not a destination. The regulatory landscape is constantly changing, resources are stretched beyond capacity, disparate systems make it difficult to assess and remediate gaps, and the sophistication of cybercriminals is accelerating faster than most healthcare organizations can implement new security measures.

    Recent advancements in healthcare cloud computing now provide a realistic alternative for solving many of these issues. From safeguarding PHI and improving the performance of IT infrastructures to gaining much needed IT agility and eliminating expensive capital expenditures savvy healthcare organizations are realizing the benefits of adopting cloud computing.

    However, not all cloud computing platforms are built the same. There are key differences between working with a healthcare specific cloud service provider and a generalist cloud service provider. Understanding these differences and how they mitigate your risk is essential to realizing the benefits of cloud computing while safeguarding your PHI.

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  • 7 Myths of Healthcare Cloud Security Debunked
    Even as cloud computing is increasingly adopted by healthcare organizations to host new workloads and applications, misconceptions still persist about the resilience and assuredness of cloud security. As clinical and business stakeholders consider moving functions to the cloud, they may continue to hear nagging doubts about cloud security and compliance. Most of these concerns are rooted in outdated or incorrect information, fear of change, and common myths.

    If left unaddressed and unchallenged, these cloud security myths can rob a healthcare organization of a unique opportunity to reduce costs, improve infrastructure agility, increase reliability, and more. In fact, cloud security measures often exceed what healthcare organizations are capable of achieving.

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  • Anatomy of a Healthcare Data Breach
    The stark reality all healthcare industry executives must face is that their organization will likely experience a data breach. The only questions are: When will it happen, how pervasive will it be, and how much will it cost them to remediate the problem?

    Large breaches at organizations like Anthem Health, Community Health Systems and Advocate Medical Group represent a rapidly increasing number of healthcare organizations that have suffered expensive, disruptive, and embarrassing security problems.

    Consider this starting fact: The healthcare industry represented 44% of all security breaches during 2013, making it the number-one industry for data breaches according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

    Why? A big reason is the economic value of patient data. Experts believe that Protected Health Information (PHI) is now worth 50 times more to hackers than credit cards or Social Security numbers, due to PHI's susceptibility to identity theft, fraud, and stolen prescriptions.

    Read this white paper to learn what healthcare leaders can do about data breach.

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  • 7-Minute Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Right EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Practice Management (PM) Solution for Your Practice

    The playing field is changing for physicians nationwide and to be successful in today’s regulatory and patient care environment, you need cutting edge solutions to provide the best possible care. But choosing the right EHR or Practice Management solution isn’t simple or easy. And choosing the wrong one can be a costly mistake.

    Download this free guide today and we’ll lead you through a three-step process that will help you quickly drill down to what matters most in your ideal Practice Management or EHR/EMR solution. Finally, we’ll arm you with the questions you should ask shortlisted vendors so that you have everything you need to choose the best solution for your practice.  You will also have the option to speak with one of our Software Advisors who can help match your needs to top medical software vendors who will provide you with pricing and the product details best suited for your practice’s specific requirements.

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